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            How to Sync your Intercom Contacts with Retainly

            Note: Retainly currently supports integration with Intercom using "Personal Access Token". 

            Syncing your intercom contacts with Retainly ensures that all your data from Intercom is securely made available inside Retainly. You can create live Segments of your contacts and send them Email Blasts and Drip Campaigns. 

            • Login to your Intercom and navigate to Settings Menu. 
            • From the Settings Menu, click the App Settings Tab on Top
            • Navigate to "Developer Tools" option from the left navigation panel in Intercom.

            • Once inside Intercom's Developer Tools, request for a Personal Access Token along with Extended Scopes Permission. It usually takes 2 days for Intercom to grant you this token. 
            • Copy the token and paste it in Retainly. You need to navigate to Profile -> Channels inside your Retainly app to complete this. 

            • Wait for a minute or so. (Depends on your quantum of data in Intercom). 
            • Voila. You can now see all your contacts from Intercom into Retainly. 
            You can now start sending Mail Blasts or Automated Drip Campaigns to your contacts. 

            If you have already created Segments and Tags in your Intercom account, this integration will also pull those Segments and Tags into Retainly. If not, then you can create a new Live Segment using the Source of the contact so that every time a new contact enters your intercom database, it is also replicated in your Retainly Segment. 
            Updated: 15 Mar 2017 03:48 AM
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