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            How can SaaS product companies take full advantage of Retainly

            SaaS products need to automate their lead capture, lead nurture and lead conversion to the best extent possible. Automation is essential because SaaS products deal with huge volumes of Leads that cannot be addressed in the traditional way. Retainly provides the perfect platform for SaaS companies to automate their marketing from Lead conversion to customer retention. 

            A SaaS product needs to monitor every Lead or Signup, and communicate to them in real-time based on the events triggered in their SaaS application. There are many tools which SaaS products use to monitor customer event behavior and analytics. Retainly has ready integration with analytical tools like Mixpanel, Woopra, Segment and Intercom. Activating any or all of these analytical tools will start pulling in customers and their events into Retainly. These events can be used to build live Segments in your Retainly app. Based on your customer behavior, the contacts will automatically keep moving from one segment to another. You can build ready notification templates for these segments which will be automatically triggered when the customer enters or exits the segment. 

            Scenario 1: Welcome Email Drip for new Signups

            Scenario 2: Auto Email Triggers for Segment Entry or Exit. 

            Scenario 3: Customer Payment Related Information

            Scenario 4: Creating Rich Customer Profile with FullContact.

            For the largest possible use cases and scenarios, you should use the Zapier Integration. Zapier provides 3rd party app interactions with which SaaS companies can pull in customer related data into their Retainly accounts. 

            Updated: 13 Mar 2017 04:56 AM
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