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            How can Blogs take full advantage of Retainly Marketing Automation

            Email Marketing Automation is increasingly becoming critical to a blogger's success. You can read this article on how to get 100K email subscribers for your blog. We will learn how to use Retainly's marketing automation software to build trust among your loyal subscribers and users, increase engagement and traffic.

            Bloggers collect email subscribers from various disparate sources. Retainly helps in providing bloggers with a single manageable repository of subscribers from all possible activities and sources thereby ensuring that not a single subscriber goes unattended. 

            Scenario 1 - Opt-in Subscribers
            A blog needs to acquire email subscribers using Opt-in Subscription tools like Privy, GetsiteControl, PlanSo Leads, WisePops. The subscribers captured from a blog can then be automatically sent to your Segment/List in Retainly. You can then start a Drip Campaign every time a new subscriber joins the Segment/List. The integration of Privy and Retainly can be done with Zapier.

            Scenario 2 - Wordpress Users
            If you are using Wordpress you can trigger an event when a new User signs up. Blogs that accept user registrations can automatically send the New Users to their Retainly Segment/List. Retainly has direct integration with Wordpress. You can then start a Drip Campaign every time a new user joins the Segment/List. Learn more on how to activate this integration. 

            Scenario 3 - Event Registrations
            As a blogger, you may be hosting events. You can capture all event registrations from EventBrite and automatically populate your Retainly Segment/ List using Zapier. You can then start a Drip Campaign every time a new registration joins the Segment/List.

            Scenario 4 - Online Forms
            You may be conducting a Poll, Survey, or using an online form to capture user entries. Using Zapier you can automatically sync all contacts from these forms into your Retainly's Segment/List. Zapier support applications like TypeForm, Wufoo, Gravity Forms, JotForms, Google Forms, FormsStack, PlanSo, Fulcrum and more. You can then start a Drip Campaign every time a new subscriber joins the Segment/List.

            Scenario 5 - Social Campaign
            You may run social campaigns using tools like Wishpond. All engaged contacts can be synced with your Retainly Segment/List using Zapier. 

            Updated: 23 Feb 2017 05:33 AM
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